There is growing awareness of the depletion of nutrition in our foods and the desire to add nourishment to our everyday food. However, there are very few options available today. Whatever is avilable is either in a form that is inconvenient, or even compromises on taste

It is to address this need that Swaadika was founded. Swaadika is a food tech services start up founded with the vision of adding health to every meal.

It is the brainchild of four professionals who were faced with this seemingly uphill task of making everyday food healthier.

What is our belief?

We belive that health, taste and convenience: the magic trinity can and should come together. We strive to achieve this by reviving traditional recipes and delivering them to you in a form that is healthy and hassle-free...making sure that the daily diet gets a boost of taste and health.

What is our philosophy?

We believe that recipes have the answare to modren health woes. Which is why we revive traditional recipes and reengineer them to make them convenient and suited for modren times. Every single product from the Swaadika stable is the result of this painstaking search for traditional recipes.

Our product team works with local farmers for all the ingradients we use. This ensures that the ingredients match our stringent quality benchmarks and the farmers get a fair price for their produce.

We take great pride in saying that both the recipes we create and the ingradients we use are locally sourced.