One Millet-Meal a DayTM

Swaadika's Health Staples based on the Magic Trinity-Health, Taste and Convenience-blend perfectly into today's lifestyle of every individual. A typical family could have a mix of diabetics, obese, pregnant and nursing mothers, kids, adults, corporate jobbers & senior citizens. It is very difficult to address their varied nutritional needs.

One Millet-Meal a dayTM is the only answer to this conundrum faced by every family. By adding millets as part of 1 meal every day-be it breakfast/lunch/dinner or an evening snack, one can make the meals wholesome. Thus, there is no need for whole-sale changes in the eating habits!! The current product mix of Swaadika offers you the choice of 1 unique millet meal, each day, for an entire week.

Swaadika's One Millet-Meal a DayTM adds variety to your meal, breaks the monotony and provides an enriched experience of Swaadika's Magic Trinity.